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Real Estate Law

At Despacho Lamas, we specialize in Real Estate Law. We have been offering a comprehensive service for all types of real estate transactions for more than 30 years. We differentiate ourselves from the competition by supporting our clients from the moment they decide to make an investment on the island until it is successfully completed.

Real Estate Law in Mallorca

Civil law

Civil law is of vital importance for building peace and social order. This is because its principles regulate, organize, and facilitate social relations. They also provide a frame of reference for resolving conflicts between the rights and obligations of each natural person or legal entity.

Civil Law in Mallorca

Tax Law

The tax department is made up of a team of professionals with extensive experience who offer strategic solutions and tax advice to both non-residents and residents of Spain. Our team works with the rest of the firm's departments and provides them with ongoing support during any operation, as most operations have a tax-related angle that needs to be studied.

Tax Law Mallorca


At Despacho Lamas, we want to become your trusted reference point when you are seeking legal advice in Spain. We have been advising intra-community and non-EU foreigners for more than 30 years. We take great pride in the fact that more than 90% of our clients are international.

Non-residents in Mallorca

Property Management

Our 24/7 service takes care of the overall management of homeowners associations from their incorporation and the drafting of their articles to the contracting of services.

Property Management in Mallorca


Drawing up company accounts in accordance with current regulations, based on information provided by the client. Preparing annual accounts and accounting ledgers. Preparing the compulsory record books for entrepreneurs and individual professionals.

Accounting Mallorca