We are experts in real estate transactions.

At Despacho Lamas, we specialize in Real Estate Law. We have been offering a comprehensive service for all types of real estate transactions for more than 30 years. We differentiate ourselves from the competition by supporting our clients from the moment they decide to make an investment on the island until it is successfully completed. Our services include:


– Comprehensive management of sales in Spain, from the negotiation and formalization of private contracts, to the signing of the notarial deed, with the procedures required for registration with the property registry.

– Advice on buying and selling real estate for Spaniards and foreigners.

– Handling of the documentation required for the transaction.

– Legal due diligence for the property.

– Negotiation and drafting of earnest-money contracts and purchase options.

– Granting of public deeds for the purchase and sale of real estate.

– Real-estate investment tax planning and taxation of the real estate sector.

2.Leasing and Rentals:

– Drawing up, review, and negotiation of leases and rental contracts.

– Termination of a lease or rental contract due to a breach.

– Rental contracts with rent control: updating the rent.

– Claims against tenants for damage caused to the property.

– Claims for unpaid rent.

– Eviction for non-payment.

– Application for a tourism license.


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